Prepositional phrases 2
Předložkové fráze 2

Some phrases with "on"

 on account of
 on approval
 on average
 on behalf of
 on business
 on the hour
 on condition
 on the job
 on the contrary
 on a journey
 on credit
 on loan
 on demand
 on no account
 on display
 on offer
 on duty
 on one´s own
 on fire
 on purpose
 on foot
 on the radio/TV
 on guard on sale
 on hand on strike
 on holiday
 on time
 on a visit
 on the way


Manager Peter Reid wanted him on trial but Ghent will not let their man leave on approval.

I decided to finish the journey on foot.

This week they went on sale again, at the ludicrous price of 92p.

Some phrases with "out of"

 out of breath
 out of the ordinary
 out of character
 out of pain
 out of control
 out of place
 out of danger
 out of pocket
 out of date
 out of practice
 out of debt
 out of reach
 out of fashion
 out of season
 out of doors out of sight
 out of focus
 out of step
 out of hand
 out of stock
 out of hearing
 out of style
 out of humour
 out of touch
 out of love
 out of tune
 out of luck
 out of turn
 out of order
 out of use
 out offavour out of work


I knew things were getting a little out of hand.

She was also a little out of step with her schoolmates.

Most, if not all, of our parents were either out of work or poorly paid.

Some phrases with "past" and "to"

 past belief
 to advantage
 past care
 to a great extent
 past control
 to hand
 past hope
 to the point


It's very nice there as I don't have to do anything: the paintings though are past belief.

Still more to the point is another essay in that volume.

Some phrases with "under"

 under age
 under orders
 under control
 under pressure
 under cover
 under repair
 under one´s feet
 under the rules
 under the impression
 under suspicion
 under (no) obligation
 under the weather


Risking everything he grabbed two tomatoes and the biggest apples before bedding down for another night under cover of trees.

The lands could not be taken into wardship if the grantor died leaving an heir under age.

Once he is under suspicion he can't win.

Some phrases with "up to", "with", "within", "without"

 up to date
 within the law
 up to mischief
 within range
 (not) up to much
 within reach
 up to no good
 within bothering
 up to one´s ears  within ceremony
 up to (you)
 within delay
 with regard to  within a doubt
 with respect to
 within exception
 with the exception of
 within fail
 within one´s income
 within prejudice


Romanticism was brought up to date in a different way by the Scottish painter Joan Eardley.

Only with regard to the first has there been even limited success.

Once a week without fail a breakdown of his expenses would arrive.




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