Starting a Conversation
Jak začít rozhovor

Introducing Yourself To Someone at a Party

  • Jackson: Hey, how are you? I’m Jackson. It’s nice to meet you.
  • Karen: I’m Karen. Nice to meet you too.
  • Jakcson: I think you’re Jamie’s friend, right?
  • Karen: Yeah, Jamie invited me to the party. What about you?
  • Jackson: Well, I’m Jamie’s classmate. I saw you once with Jamie at a mall I think.
  • Karen: Actually, I’m Jamie’s cousin. I don’t live here but I visit him quite often.
  • Jackson: So. Are you enjoying the party?
  • Karen: Yes, I’m having fun! What about you? Do you like parties?
  • Jackson: I’m not much of a party-goer but this one is nice. I like the music.
  • Karen: So do I. Should we join the people at the dance floor?
  • Jackson: Sure, let’s go!

Introducing Yourself to a New Classmate

  • Penny: Hey, my name is Penny. I’m new to the class.
  • Suzanne: Oh, hi! I’m Suzanne.
  • Penny: I wanted to ask you something.
  • Suzanne: Sure. What is it?
  • Penny: Actually I’m also new in town and I’m not sure about my way back home. Can you help me?
  • Suzanne: No problem. Where do you live?
  • Penny: I live on George Street.
  • Suzanne: It’s not too far from the school and it’s on my way. We can go back together.
  • Penny: Oh! That would be great, thank you.

Starting a Conversation at the Bookstore

  • Penny: Hi, I’m looking for a particular novel. Can you help me out?
  • Karen: Sure. Which one is it?
  • Penny: Well, I want to buy Love Story by Erich Segal.
  • Karen: Oh, it’s really a great novel. I read it a long time ago.
  • Penny: And was it interesting? Did you like it?
  • Karen: A lot! I’ve read it many times.
  • Penny: I’ve been thinking about reading it for a long time. Maybe it’s time to actually do it.
  • Karen: Here! You will love this novel!
  • Penny: Thank you so much for your help.

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  • Hello, .............. ?
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    • samá voda, zpět na záčátek lekce prosím
    • samá voda, zpět na záčátek lekce prosím