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Too many of our teenagers are drastically over weight. The shocking fact is that 14% of our teenagers suffer from obesity. That number has doubled since the 1970s. The illnesses that can affect teenage obesity are big and include high blood pressure, diabetes and, heart disease. Why has the teenager obesity rate doubled?
Many experts blame the obesity effect on the technology of video games, video arcades and, too many television channels to choose from. Sadly, it's not as often anymore that we see a bunch of children playing kick-ball in the school or park. Nor do we see pick-up stickball or softball games. Can we blame this all on technology? Some, but perhaps not.
The teenage obesity problem will continue to exist in today's society if we don't join together as a family and give examples to other families with teenage obesity problems. We may lose our children long before their time-that's how important this is and that's why you need to set goals and make sure your child lives a happy, healthy life that is full of good food and exercise and fun.



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teenagers - mladiství  přehrát 
teenager - teenager  přehrát 
suffer - trpět  přehrát 
disease - choroba  přehrát 
blame - obvinit  přehrát 
set - určovat  přehrát 
goal - cíl  přehrát 
rate - podíl  přehrát 

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